Academic Programmes

The objective of offering academic programs in Public Management and Development and Policy is to impart cutting-edge knowledge to students and to equip them with managerial, analytical, and leadership skills critical to revolutionize the public and development sectors of Pakistan.

Minor in Public Management

CGPM has seven minor courses in the undergraduate program at LUMS available for university-wide enrolment. More are being developed by SDSB faculty.


This course is designed to introduce students to the interdisciplinary field of public policy. By necessity this course is a survey of topics related to policymaking and analysis, including: the policymaking process, power in public policy, official and unofficial actors in the policy process, and the dominant theories of policy analysis. Read more.

This course introduces future pursuers of careers in the Public Administration to things they would need to understand in order to become successful at their new jobs. In addition to learning how Government organizations are created and operated, they will also observe how public administration practices compare and contrast across different sectors. Read more.

This course introduces undergraduate students to key social policy issues in Pakistan. It covers a wide range of topics, including poverty, social exclusion, social safety nets, education, health, food security, demography and housing. Read more.

This course explores the dynamic relationship between women and public policy. It will begin by developing a social justice based framework for understanding how women affect and are affected by policy action and inaction. Read more.

This course is directed at students interested in Nonprofit Organizations, i.e. NGOs that are funded by local or foreign individual or institutional donors, and Voluntary Organizations, i.e. NGOs that are formed by the local communities to help themselves out. Read more.

The course is designed for students who have preferably been exposed to various key areas of the public management policy framework. After looking at some of the foundational aspects of the policy framework and implementation regime, it underlines the need for reforms to meet the multiple challenges of service delivery on a sustainable basis. Read more.

This course is a critical exploration of Pakistan's priorities and choices in the agriculture sector during the past six decades. It puts farming communities at the center of analysis and examines policy choices and dilemmas as they affect people's everyday lives. Read more.

This course aims to develop an understanding of the e-government landscape. Topics covered include governance and government, e-governance and the e-government strategy, e-government architectures and frameworks, technology infrastructure, and more.


Major in Public Management

We are currently developing a four-year Major in Public Management. Click here to view a list of tentative courses that we are considering.

Below is a tentative list of courses to be offered in the Public Management major:

Core Courses

  1. Introduction to Public Administration
  2. Governance System of Pakistan
  3. Introduction to Policy Analysis
  4. Public Finance and Budgeting
  5. Human Resource Management in the Public Sector
  6. Research Methods in Public Management

Elective Courses Categories

  1. Public Performance Management
  2. Development
  3. Urban Planning
  4. Public Finance
  5. Healthcare Policy
  6. Education Policy

Master's in Development and Policy

CGPM is working towards offering a Masters in Development and Policy in collaboration with the Economics Department by 2017-18.

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The Need

While the government sector is the largest job provider in Pakistan, there is a considerable lack of quality development and policy education in the country. Offering programs in this area gives CGPM a chance to bridge this educational gap and at the same time advance its mission to impact the practice of development and policy.

Unique Placement

LUMS as a higher education institution has earned an international reputation for its programs and is well-positioned to host CGPM given all the public and development sector expertise it has gained via the ASP-LUMS project. The Center, therefore, is uniquely placed to offer a MasterĂ¢€™s program in Development and Policy.

Target Audience

The Master's program will be aimed at fresh graduates, mid-career professionals, and civil servants.